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Desulfurization butterfly valve

Product features:

The air pollution is very heavy, so 2 is an important pollutant, and more than 60% of the SO 2 pollution comes from the industrial smoke. With the gradual improvement and improvement of China's environmental standards, as well as the improvement of the national awareness of the environment, China's future industrial flue gas emission projects must be desulfurization treatment. One of the important parts of FGD device is the valve. The requirement for FGD valve is to be able to withstand not only chloride, oxide, acid, but also severe particle wear and slurry wear and corrosion. The key of FGD valve is to choose the right valve material and structure, and extend the service life of the valve. ZF series high performance butterfly valve is specially designed for the desulfurization and denitrification engineering of power plant.

Emigo always adheres to the design principle of "quality first", fully considers the corrosion and wear of desulfurization slurry on the valve, and ensures that the valve body lining is the only part that can contact the slurry, while other parts are not corroded by limestone or limestone slurry. Therefore, the valve body and stem do not need to use expensive alloy (2507 / 1.4529) material, which greatly saves the cost.

The unique valve seat design of ZF series butterfly valve is "tongue groove type", which completely separates the valve body from the fluid medium. Compared with other similar valves, it has a better way to secure the valve seat. It is quick to replace the valve seat on the spot, and the valve maintains zero leakage and small friction.

ZF series butterfly valve plate is made of high performance alloy (2507, 1.4529, C276). Effectively resist the corrosion and wear of slurry.


It is widely used in pipelines of petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, paper making, water and electricity, ship, water supply and drainage, metallurgy, energy and other systems. It is suitable for a variety of corrosive gas, liquid, semi liquid and solid powder media.

Based on this point, emigo developed a series of desulfurization butterfly valves based on the high-performance middle line butterfly valve with independent intellectual property rights to meet the market solution. This high-quality butterfly valve has been widely used in flue gas desulfurization device, and has been highly praised by the industry.




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